Gila : : Trinity

Here is a question: Which place has created more security for the American people, Trinity or the Gila Wilderness?….both cannot be the future. Nuclear weapons and wilderness write two different endings for Homo Sapiens. Whatever answer is given to this question exposes who we are and what kind of world we will help create. – Charles Bowden  

The Gila is nestled at the nexus of four great ecosystems in the southwest corner of New Mexico. It lies at the end of the Rocky Mountains after they slide down the North American continent like a glacier for three thousand miles before they break up into an archipelago of small ranges floating in a sea of grasslands. A couple hundred miles to the south, the Sierra Madres rise up serrating Mexico for another two thousand miles. To the west lies the Sonoran Desert with its giant saguaros, and to the east spreads the Chihuahuan Desert, a minimalist dream of small ranges and desert grasslands.

– Michael P Berman


As the hundredth anniversary of the designation of the Gila Wilderness approached, Berman explored and photographed the inner reaches of the Gila with renewed intensity. In creating these 12×12″ plates aluminum, Berman overlaid recent images of the Gila Wilderness on images published in an earlier book, Trinity, written by Charles Bowden.




Date & Time

May 3, 2024